3 lb Package Bees - May 2022 Pickup

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We are excited to once again be offering package bees for pickup in 2022! These are an Italian/Carniolan hybrids that we use in our own apiaries with strong success. Our packages are picked up from the breeder in Georgia and delivered here for pickup less than 24 hours after the bees are put in the cage. This reduces much of the stress on bees that comes from days of shipping in the mail, and means that they will build up more energetically in your hives! All of our packages include marked queens. Please note that we do not ship package bees, they are for pickup only from our facility in Minonk, IL. We have one more pickup date scheduled for this year: May 21st 2022.

Quantity Discounts:
10 or more packages: $122 each. Use coupon code PB10 at checkout to get this pricing!

After your purchase, we will contact you with further pickup details. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Another note: live bees are for local pickup only and are priced accordingly, so there is no 10% pickup discount like our other products have. If you are ordering other items in addition to bees, please place a separate order if possible. Contact us with any questions. Thanks!

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