5 Frame Nuc - with bees & laying queen

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We are sold out for 2022, check back in December for 2023 pricing!

Whether you're ordering your first bees or adding more hives to an existing apiary, a nucleus "nuc" colony is a very popular option. A nuc is a fully functioning mini hive, with a laying queen, various stages of brood, honey, and pollen. Starting with a nuc means you have a "leg up" on the process, because it is already an established bee colony. Our nucs come with a marked, fresh laying queen, 5 frames of brood, honey, pollen, and a reusable plywood or plastic nuc box that's easy to carry and transport. These queens have been selected for VSH (varroa sensitive hygiene) traits, meaning they have a tendency to locate and remove mite-infested capped pupae. Typically, you'll still have to treat for mites, but due to reduced mite counts, you'll likely have to treat less frequently! Fully inspected by the IL Dept of Agriculture, these bees are healthy and ready to thrive in your apiary!
We still have nucs available, for pickup only at our location in Minonk, IL. We do not ship nucs!

Another note: live bees are for local pickup only and are priced accordingly, so there is no 10% pickup discount like our other products have. If you are ordering other items in addition to bees, please place a separate order if possible. Contact us with any questions. Thanks!

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