Bottle Filling Machine

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This piston type, pneumatic honey bottle filling machine is a solid product for a serious beekeeper who's looking to supercharge their bottling operation.

  • Fills bottles anywhere from 3 oz to 3 lb.
  • 8 gallon tank 
  • 110v power, requires an air compressor with a minimum 5 gallon tank
  • All stainless steel construction

This bottle filler is a clearance item, sold as is, with no warranty. We have tested it in the past and found that it works quite well. It's pretty simple to get set up and working if you're pretty handy at figuring stuff out. However, we will not be stocking parts for this or supporting it long term. If you need parts in the future, we can order them, but they'll be shipped from China. It's a good product, but something we chose not to continue stocking/supporting at this time, since we're very focused on continuing to develop and support our other product lines, mainly extractors. 

See the video below for more details!

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