Oxalic Acid - 1 lb

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Oxalic acid is a very natural and inexpensive varroa mite treatment with proven results! Used with our oxalic acid vaporizers, the crystals are heated to become a gas which is circulated inside the hive, dealing out death to your varroa mites while not bothering the bees at all. Oxalic acid is a natural chemical found in many plants; it's literally what makes rhubarb plant taste sour!

Recommended treatment dosage is 2 grams (about 1/2 teaspoon) per brood box*. You can treat most anytime throughout the year, but keep in mind that you need to treat very frequently if there is capped brood present, as oxalic acid doesn't reach the high concentrations of mites trapped under the brood cap. So, to get an effective treatment during the brood rearing season, you need to treat every 2-3 days for a 21 day period to get an effective reduction in mite population.

Our oxalic acid is 99.6% pure and the 1 pound bag is sufficient for over 200 2-gram doses
* 2 grams per brood box is the current EPA approved treatment dose. The regulations may change and local laws may vary, so please consult with your local apiary inspector to verify the correct dosage.

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