Polystyrene Medium Super

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We are no longer carrying our line of polystyrene hive components, due to skyrocketing costs and lack of demand. Sorry for any inconvenience! We still have some medium supers on hand to support those who purchased our polystyrene hives last year. Quantity is limited!

Our polystyrene hive equipment is designed for durability and longevity, while providing a far superior insulation value compared to wood. Give it a shot! Beekeepers in northern climates have reported better overwintering success and 2-3 week quicker spring buildup because they help the cluster keep warmer.
Ships unassembled, sold without frames.
Note, due to the thickness of these boxes, they can't be used with a normal wooden hive cover. You can use them with a wood bottom board, but they edges of the box will hang over the edge a little bit.

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