Super DFM Probiotic Supplement

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Throughout the year, our bees are struggling against any number of diseases, pests, chemicals, etc. To keep our hives healthy, it's important to use every tool possible to help these little gals combat the many things stacked against them. Super DFM (direct fed microbials) is a great tool in your arsenal. Honey bee gut health is very important, to help the bees digest and pass through any pesticides, chemicals, or other pathogens that can make them sick. In the fall and winter months, nosema is a serious bacterial disease that causes dysentery in bees. Super DFM is an effective treatment for nosema!
  • Very easy to apply - 1 tbsp per month spread across the top bars of the brood box
  • Effective nosema treatment
  • Helps your bees process chemicals or pesticides they may ingest
  • Available in 10, 50, and 100 application bags. Larger sizes available by special order!

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