Complete Hive - 8 Frame

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Our complete beehives are just what you need to get started or expand your apiary! The 8 frame hive is a great choice for those who are looking for a lighter weight beehive option, as opposed to the 10 frame box, which can weigh over 90 pounds when full of honey. Bees naturally move up, rather than out, so the 8 frame hive design lends itself well to that principle.
Includes the following:
1 -  pine reversible bottom board (assembled)     screened bottom board option also available
1 -  pine deep 9-5/8" hive body (assembled)
8 - assembled wood frames with plastic double wax coated foundation
1 -  inner cover (assembled)
1 -  pine outer cover with aluminum top (assembled)
All components are made from quality pine lumber, and (except for the hive box) assembled with quality galvanized fasteners and Titebond 2 exterior grade wood glue.

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