Pollen Patties - with real pollen and Apis Biologix "Rocket Fuel"


We have partnered with Global Patties to offer a premium pollen substitute patty with real bee pollen!

4% real USA bee pollen, 15.5% total protein.

Packed in 10 lb boxes, these patties are pre-made and ready to place on your bees. 

Includes a dosage of Apis Biologix, a proven "rocket fuel" to boost your bees health!


When to feed pollen patties: Pollen patties can be fed whenever you want to increase brood, productivity and ensure strong colonies, in particular when there is a shortage of pollen. For optimal results, ensure there is a carbohydrate source when feeding pollen patties such as nectar or sugar syrup.

Method of application: Gently smoke the bees down and place patty directly over frames as close to brood as possible. Ensure side with perforated paper is placed down so that bees have access to patty through the holes underneath. Repeat as needed.

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